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Legal Representation for DCF Cases in Connecticut

Located in Hamden, CT and serving all of Connecticut, The Law Offices of John J. Ghidini, LLC. provide legal representation for parents, children, and legal guardians who are being investigated by The Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF). With extensive experience in DCF cases and juvenile criminal cases, Attorney Ghidini can help you understand and navigate these complex proceedings.

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  • Getting in the game early matters

    Getting into the game early matters.  What does this mean in the context of a DCF case?  For relatives and grandparents getting into the game early means being aware and involved in the early stages of a DCF investigation.  The early stages of a DCF investigation are a critical time.  Safety agreements could be signed, mis-information could be put forth, and worse a minor relative could be put in non-relative placement.  To avoid these pitfalls, relatives should get involved as soon as the parents will allow and put as much pressure on DCF to identify all family resources who could take a minor relative into their care. 

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  • Attorney John J. Ghidini

    It is hard to overstate the importance of the control of information in a DCF case.  The attorney needs to control and set the narrative for the case from the start if the attorney wants a positive outcome.  What does this mean for the client or the potential client?  It means that a client should always speak with an attorney prior to speaking with DCF.  In a large number of DCF investigations, it is actually the clients who supply all the necessary information to support the ongoing investigation or worse provide enough evidence for a finding of neglect.  

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  • State of Connecticut v. Ackeem Riley

    In this case, the Connecticut Supreme Court held that “the dictates set forth in Miller may be violated even when the sentencing authority has discretion to impose a lesser sentence than life without parole it it fails to give due weight to evidence that Miller deemed constitutionally significant before determining that such a severe punishment is appropriate...the record must reflect that the trial court has considered and given due mitigating weight to these factors in determining a proportionate punishment...”

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