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Client Success Stories

Attorney John J. Ghidini has been providing legal representation for parents, children and legal guardians being investigated by The Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) since 2006. Here are just a few accounts of those cases, and the people whose lives have been impacted by the work of our firm.

Attorney Ghidini Helped Keep My Son’s Future On Track

My son was charged with a felony for having an “airsoft” gun in his vehicle on school grounds. Attorney Ghidini was able to have the criminal charges handled by the local probation office on a non-judicial basis. He appeared at our son’s expulsion hearing and prevented our son from being expelled for 180 days. Our son received a suspension from school and was able to graduate with his class and enroll in college the following fall.

Put an End to an Uphill Battle

My daughter had been committed to the care and custody of DCF for approximately three years. Other attorneys and my DCF worker told me I would never have my child live in my care again. Attorney Ghidini filed a motion to revoke the commitment and we had a hearing in court. After the hearing, the court revoked the commitment and my daughter is now back in my care and custody.

Highly Recommended

The DCF took my child from the hospital under an administrative 96-hour hold and then received an ex parte order of temporary custody. The DCF alleged that my child tested positive for illegal narcotics. However, all of my wife’s drug screens prior to the birth were negative and I had no DCF history. Attorney Ghidini was able to challenge the admissibility of the drug screen and force the DCF into a settlement which resulted in my child being returned to my care.

A Strong Advocate

My parental rights to my daughter were terminated after a Termination of Parental Rights trial. Attorney Ghidini took over my case after the Termination of Parental Rights was filed. The first trial on the TPR was ended in an agreement with DCF withdrawing the petition and providing me an additional six months to attempt to regain custody of my child. I was not able to regain custody, but I credit Attorney Ghidini with getting me more time with my child and defending me to the end.